10 New Security Gadgets Your Car Craves

To protect your car from thieves and other unwanted troubles that can end up jeopardizing your sleep, its best to protect the vehicle in accordance to the need and budget of its owner. For this, there are several good car security gadgets those that are readily available in the market. Of late, there are several car security manufacturing companies which incorporate modern day technology to optimize their security performances. These advanced measures not only provide versatile flexibility in their security operations, but also ensures absolute dependability against theft of the cars.

We’re here to give you the absolute comprehensive knowledge about the ten best car security gadgets that you can choose from – all according to your needs, of course.
Finger Print Locks

• Finger print locks use biometric technology to safeguard cars
• Only authorized users can open the doors of cars because this technology uses the unique finger prints for security
• Finger print locks are an effective tool as thieves will be unable to break the locks and try to steal the car

Auto Theft Deterrent Light

• This device can be effective against potential thieves
• It uses bright flashing LED lights which give the impression that an expensive car alarm system is installed
• Thieves will forfeit their activities and move to an easy target

Car Shield

• Car Shield is a security and diagnostics system that monitors vehicle system data while transmitting the information to a device that is connected through the Internet or phone
• This system helps to assess the battery and heat levels along with other problems like oil pressure and tampering attempts
• It has an integrated GPS system for helping the car owner

Commando FM-870

• This device is a keychain pager which can unlock car doors without using a key.
• It can also be used to start the engine remotely while it has the ability to detect forced entry or engine startup

Kill Switch

• This anti-theft device is designed to close the engine’s electrical system
• Some models can close the fuel or starter system through wireless technologies
• Different models have different features depending upon the needs of owners

Vehicle Tracking Systems

• Vehicle tracking systems are efficient and innovative because they can track the car even if it has been stolen
• Some systems use global positing systems (GPS) for tracking and safeguarding vehicles
• This system can also access the dvla contact phone for ensuring that car safety is attained

Car Alarms

• Car alarms remain the most standard security device for cars
• They are coming in new models which offer additional features
• Modern alarms are plugged with backup batteries


• Immobilizers are the top security gadget for cars because they can disable engine components that are vital for startup
• They can close the ignition system which makes it difficult for thieves to perform their nefarious activities

The Club

• This is a basic security device that can prevent thieves from using the steering wheel
• It is still one of the most popular devices because of its innovation and creativity

Vehicle Identification Number
• Numerous systems exist that store the vehicle identification number
• Such systems can help to offer added levels of security

It is important to remember that the best car security gadget should offer heightened levels of security. The system should be efficient while it should be used in coordination with different security measures. Thus, they will work all together in harmony and that make things perfect.

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