You may be able to use mobile app to pay and park your car at BEST bus depots in Mumbai soon

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The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking has come up with a solution to its cash crunch and Mumbai’s parking problems.
In its budget for 2018-19, the transport body has proposed to launch a mobile application to show the parking spaces available in bus depots across the city. The aim is to lure more motorists into availing the pay-and-park scheme to increase the revenue.
Currently, BEST allows private vehicles to be parked in Santacruz and Worli depots, and plans to introduce it in other depots across the city.
The plan will come up for discussion during the budget meeting on November 21 and November 22.
In its budget proposal, the management said the mobile application will help utilise the space available at depots and bus stations. “The mobile application for pay-and-park scheme will be made available on Android as well as IOS platforms,” said a BEST official, on condition of anonymity.
BEST charges Rs200 to allow heavy vehicles to use their space for 12 hours. While four-wheelers have to pay Rs150, two-wheelers can use the facility for 12 hours by paying Rs75. The motorists have to pay additional tax too.
The monthly charges for 12 hours a day are Rs5,000 for heavy vehicles, Rs4,000 for light vehicles and Rs2,000 for two wheelers, with extra service tax.
The management also allows reserving of buses for shooting, picnics, parties and corporate events to generate additional revenue.
The transport body is facing losses of more than Rs2,100 crore. It has no funds to maintain its buses or expand services. BEST data shows the transport wing has been facing losses for several decades. The century-old body started facing financial losses after the Centre enacted the Electricity Act 2003 that restrained BEST from using the profit of its electricity wing to subsidise losses of its transport wing. So, the buses became solely dependent on revenue from fares. Around 43 lakh commuters used to travel on buses in 2008-09 a day. This fell to 30 lakh in 2015-16.


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