What to Consider In Evaluating Parking Systems

When researching parking solutions, where do you start? If you’ve reviewed our Definitive Guide to Parking Solutions and you’ve narrowed your goals to parking revenue generation and access control, read on.  At PLVM.IN, we’ve been fielding questions from parking newbies for decades. We hear what’s top of mind from businesses across INDIA every day. Whether you need a parking solution for your hotel, hospital, condo or shopping mall, knowing where to start can be tricky. To help, we’ve compiled this list of key questions to consider in evaluating parking solutions.

1. What is your goal?
Most customers come to us with at least one of three goals in mind: to generate revenue, replace or enhance an existing parking solution.

Generating Parking Revenue: Whether you’ve acquired a parking facility, or you’re looking to convert your existing parking to a paid model, revenue may be your goal. Adding a best-in-class parking solution is the first step in making your parking profitable.

Replacing your Parking Solution: Do you have outdated equipment that doesn’t keep up with your modern, streamlined brand image? Replacing your parking solution can make a big difference in customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. Consider what you want to keep or change when it comes to layout, functionality and parking equipment.

Enhancing Your Parking Solution: Many of our customers have partial solutions in place, or systems that don’t take full advantage of the latest parking technology. By integrating full-featured parking equipment and software, you can take your parking game up a notch.

2. What are your timelines?
At PLVM.IN, we understand that some clients need a parking solution quickly, while others are budgeting a year or more into the future.

If you’re building a new parking structure or adding infrastructure, you have some lead time. Many clients like to lock in their pricing by ordering from us in advance, months or a year before they need the equipment.

PLVM.IN full-featured systems are typically ready in 6 to 10 weeks. In projects with shorter timelines, we can have your custom parking solution ready in just a few weeks.

Our flat rate and access control systems can be installed in as quickly as a day, and a smart parking meter takes only 1-2 hours to install and configure at your site. You may be surprised at just how efficient we are. That said, build in time to open a merchant account and approve any custom artwork for your order.

3. What is your budget?
Parking solutions can range in price from four figures to six figures. Some of the key factors that determine cost include:

Whether you run gated or open-access parking
If gated, how many exit and entry lanes
Whether you require parking solutions to charge a  flat rate or an hourly rate
At PLVM.IN, we can help you estimate costs and come up with a realistic budget for your parking solution.

4. Who are your parking customers?
Different parking solutions make sense for different users, be they employees, tenants, customers or the public. Employees and tenants typically access parking using credentials, such as RFID cards or tags, and your parking equipment should accommodate access control. For customers and the public (aka transient parkers), you’ll want a solution to charge a parking fee.

5. How do you charge for paid parking?
Parking solutions allow you to charge parkers by the hour, day or month or by a flat rate. Providing discounted or free ‘validated’ parking to some users is another consideration, and there are solutions to meet your needs.

Think, too, about how you’ll accept parking payments. Do you need parking equipment for automated payments with credit card, bills and coins? Or will you have a cashier on premises?

6. How much automation do you need?
Parking solutions can range from highly manual to completely automated. If you use cashiers or attendants, they can issue tickets, validate access cards, operate gates and manage payments. But each of these functions can be replaced with parking equipment technology.

Adding parking management software, like PLVM , can take your automated parking solution to the next level. With software, you can manage everything remotely and keep tabs on performance with sophisticated reporting.

7. What extras will you add?
Your parking solution can include accessories like intercoms, video monitoring, parking availability sensors and signs. You can also strategically add signage, navigational aids and bollards, or protective barriers, to keep people and equipment safe.

Want to create a great first impression? Consider customized artwork for your parking equipment. Add your logo, colours and any text you like. At PLVM.IN, fully brandable parking equipment is one of the extras we offer - at no additional charge!

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