pay up to ₹23,250 for parking your vehicle illegally in Mumbai

At a time when Mumbai is bursting at seams, an illegally parked vehicle can throw the whole traffic on the roads off gear.

To curb this menace, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has planned punitive fines Sunday onwards for anyone parking their vehicle illegally.

The fines will be up to ₹15,000, which including towing charges, for parking within 500-meter radius of 26 authorized public parking lots and will range from ₹5,000 for two-wheelers to ₹15,000 for heavy vehicles.

With a penalty for late payment, it could go up to as much as₹23,250, a BMC official told PTI Saturday.

For effective implementation of the scheme, the administration has hired ex-servicemen to assist traffic police.

People on Twitter have been slamming this decision of Asia's richest municipal corporation.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) parking fines have received a rather hike as the agency seeks to contend with Mumbai's chronic problem of parking in no-parking zones. Illegal parking has become a nuisance in the city, earning the financial capital of India the title of world's most traffic congested city. And to contend with this challenge, BMC has introduced a new parking rule wherein violators will be slapped with hefty fines. 

According to this new rule, which came in to effect a few days ago, vehicles parked within a 500 metre radius of public parking lots will attract massive penalties, ranging between ₹5,000 to ₹15,000. The illegally parked vehicle will also be towed away and the owner will be liable to pay not only the ensuing fine but the towing charge as well. Late payments will attract a 'late fee'. This rule will possibly compel more and more people to use BMC parking lots instead of parking their vehicles wherever they wish to.

Penalties on illegal parking
According to the new illegal parking rule in Mumbai, BMC can fine a two-wheeler up to ₹5,000, whereas four-wheelers will be attract a fine of ₹10,000, which is inclusive of towing charges. On the other hand, illegally parked heavy vehicles will be slapped with a fine ranging between ₹15,000 to ₹23,250, depending on the locality as well as the size of the vehicle. It must be noted that non-payment of the fine for more than 30 days can also lead to the vehicle being auctioned by the authorities.

In order to ensure that the new parking rule is duly implemented, BMC has instructed all its local wards to appoint private agencies, which will oversee the execution of the new parling rule. In addition to that, BMC has also stipulated that these agencies must have retired defence servicemen among its staff.

BMC's new fines for illegal parking in Mumbai has been met with heavy criticism from residents. Reportedly, a housing society has even filed a petition in court, terming the fines levied by BMC as "unconstitutional". This petition is up for hearing in a few days. 

In a heavily congested city such as Mumbai, illegally parked vehicles can throw the entire traffic into a frenzy. And to make matters worse, such vehicles often end up obstructing emergency vehicles. So, let's just say that such strict rules were long overdue. But will these hefty fines single-handedly be able to curb the menace of illegal parking in Mumbai? Or does BMC to set up more parking lots across the city? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below

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