If you are fined heavily, then follow this legal remedy, you will get relief!- Motor Vehicle Act

 The new penalty rates for breaking traffic rules have come into effect from 1 September. Since the implementation of these rules, there is an atmosphere of panic among people all over the country including Delhi-NCR.

What the government implemented the new Motor Vehicle Act, huge fines started coming on people on charges of breaking the rules. In Gurugram, 23,000 fine was imposed on Scooty, then a person hurt by heavy fines in Delhi set his bike on fire. Apart from this, a fine of Rs 32 thousand was imposed on one auto, while a challan of 59 thousand rupees was deducted for a tractor. Since the enactment of the new law, huge invoice cases are coming up. But what are the legal remedies to get relief from these invoices? We will tell you this

When you have to face such a huge fine, what is the option left for you? There is law with you and you can get relief with the help of legal in court.

This is the process

1- Challan will be court, ie there will not be on spot. Meaning, you have to go to court to pay the challan.

2- A traffic police register will be found in the court, in which you will enter your challan number and train number, and which rule is broken when your challan is done.

Seeing your details in the register, you have to apply to the court. After this, you have to prepare your argument either by yourself or through a lawyer and after that you will have to present it in the court.

Now you will get two options - if you confess your crime for confessing and not committing the crime, then the fixed amount will have to be paid in the court itself. If you have not confessed your crime then you have to plead in court for your defense. The court will ask the police officer concerned to produce a witness against you and the police will have to present a witness to prove the charges.

If a contradiction is found in the statement of the witness recorded in the register, the court can waive or reduce your fine. If your crime is proved, then you can plead with the court not to make a mistake again. In such a case, the court can reduce your penalty. If for some reason you cannot go to court, then under Section 208 of the Motor Vehicle Act, you can put your point in the court. If for some reason the police confiscate your car, then you can get your car back by presenting the original paper in the court. The area where the challan is cut will be processed in the court of the same area.

Often the police could not prove the case

Supreme Court lawyer Vishnu Jain says that the police cuts the challan but in most cases is unable to prove its case. Because according to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is necessary to have at least one witness sign on the challan and in many cases these signs are found to be fake.

Not only this, a virtual court portal ie vcourts.gov.in has been started as a pilot project in Tis Hazari Court, Delhi for your convenience. Where traffic challan can be paid online easily. Right now, by trying these options, you can protect yourself from the huge penalty of the traffic police.

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