Motor Vehicle Act-If you break the parking rules, you will have to pay the fine along with the fine

 New provisions related to Traffic Rules are being discovered everyday since the revised Motor Vehicle Act was strictly followed. Challan can be done even if such rules are broken. One such rule is related to parking. Whether you have a car, bike or a commercial vehicle, if you have parked in the wrong place or no parking zone, then you may get double hit with a fine. According to one figure, Delhi-NCR has the highest number of challans due to incorrect parking and no parking.

If you break the rules of parking, you will get double killed
Retired Regional Transport Officer (RTO) VK Singh says, 'If you have parked your vehicle in a no parking zone or somewhere where traffic is obstructed, ambulances and other essential vehicles have trouble getting out, then your challan will be deducted. Also, your vehicle will also be lifted from the crane. In such a situation, along with the challan amount, you will have to pay the fees for towing the vehicle with a crane. This fee varies from vehicle to vehicle.

There is so much fee to be paid for towing a vehicle

Although some states already had a fee for towing a vehicle with a fine on no parking, but there were many states where this fee was not collected. Now this fee will be collected in every state. If your bike is towed, then 200 rupees, 500 rupees for the car, 1000 rupees for commercial and heavy vehicles will be charged as fees. For vehicles with more than 10 wheels, Rs 2000 will be charged as fee.

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