Mechanized Parking systems are environment friendly (Green Parking) by

India is one of the world’s largest automotive markets in the world. It is expected that nearly 4 million cars will be sold annually by the year 2015 and this number will continue to rise because of the untapped potential of India’s increasing middle and upper middle class.

However the infrastructure needed to support these vehicles- such as roads and parking spaces – is underdeveloped and poses a great challenge for all cities in India. This lack of infrastructure leads to traffic congestion, reduced traffic flow and increased traffic density. Another major problem which is further compounded by traffic congestion is the increasing levels of air pollution.

To overcome these problems we need to come up with innovative and easy to implement solutions which will help us to not only solve these problems but also help improve the lives of all the affected people.
The use of mechanized multi-level parking provides a solution for some of these problems and will help us to build sustainable and green cities.

Some of the ways mechanized parking can help the environment are as follows:-
1. Reduce traffic congestion and air pollution
2. Increasing the available green space by reducing the parking space
3. Reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and carbon footprint

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